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SOAPBridge::TypeConversions Interface Reference

Specific type conversions. More...

#include <TypeConversions.idl>

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Public Methods

void Set (in Specification spec) raises ( BadSpecification )
 Add or update a specification. More...

boolean Get (inout Specification spec, in boolean getNext)
 Query a specification. More...

Detailed Description

Specific type conversions.

This interface allows the management of the specific type conversion for a specific module/interface/operation/parameter. Such conversions can be specified or altered while the SoapBridge is operational.

Definition at line 32 of file TypeConversions.idl.

Member Function Documentation

boolean SOAPBridge::TypeConversions::Get ( inout Specification spec,
in boolean getNext )

Query a specification.

BadSpecification   .
spec   The specification to query. If there is a registered specification for the supplied specification, or an alphabetically ordered greater one if getNext is set to TRUE, it will be returned to the caller and the return value will be TRUE. Otherwise, the return value will be FALSE and this parameter will remain unaltered.
getNext   If set to TRUE, the specification following the specified one will be returned instead. This allows to iterate through the registered type conversion specifications.

void SOAPBridge::TypeConversions::Set ( in Specification spec ) raises ( BadSpecification )

Add or update a specification.

BadSpecification   .
spec   The specification to set or alter.

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