Soap2Corba and Corba2Soap

SourceForge Logo This project is an Open Source (GPL) implementation of a fully functional two-way SOAP to CORBA bridge.

The bridge is available for two different ORBs. The original version used the ORB Orbacus 4.
Based on this implementation a port to MICO was done. The MICO version also supports secure SOAP calls, based on the WebService Security Specification 1.0.


For the MICO version information on libraries can be found at MICO, Xerces C, Log4CPP, cURL, xml-security and libxml2.

Here you will find the source documentation for the release (2.0) for Orbacus. Information on libraries used can be found at AnyConfig, Xerces C, Orbacus 4, Log4CPP and cURL.


At the project's entry at SourceForge you will find the complete source code package. The MICO version can be found under the package soapsec2corba.

Developers wanted!

Do you like this project? Would you want to contribute to it or like to add specific features for your needs? Thanks to SourceForge's services you can join our development team and get direct access to the CVS repository. Just mail us at soap2corba at for the ORBACUS version or mievesh at for the MICO port and tell us your plans as well as your SourceForge User ID.


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